Flyers Kick Rangers Asses All Over Broad Street

Who doesn't love seeing Avery get punched?

Whatever pre-game hype there was, this game exceeded it. The Flyers won a thriller 2-0, and had a few fights to boot.  Neither goal was very pretty, but any goal on Lundqvist and the Rags is pretty sweet. JVR got a partial breakaway, ripped a shot, then backhanded the rebound into the net about 15 minutes into the first.  Later, as time wound down in the 2nd, Richards ripped a shot from the point that deflected off Staal’s skate and in with 2.5 seconds left.  If the goals were the bread, and the fights were the meat, then this was one filling sandwich.

First, scoring machine Marian Gaborik must have thought he was in a video game when he dropped the gloves with Carcillo.  That euphoria ended quickly once he took a uppercut to the face, bringing him crashing back down to earth.

Second, Scott Hartnell dropped the gloves with the biggest piece of shit in the league, Sean Avery.  And this is a fight that every single hockey fan that does not cheer for NYR would love to see replayed every day for the rest of their lives.  As soon as the gloves came off, Harts grabbed asshole’s shoulder, landed two punches to the face, and watched him tumble.

Dickhead was mad after getting embarrassed, so shortly after leaving the box, he got into with with Carcillo. Nobody really landed any direct punches, so it’s safe to say that rat-face escaped this one alive with a draw.

After the second intermission, it only took 3 seconds for Asham and Voros to drop the gloves.  No punches landed until the linesmen stepped in and had Asham tied up, because that’s when Voros seemed to land one that got AA pretty pissed off.  Looks like Avery’s cheap shit tactics are rubbing off on his teammates.

Ok, rant time:

Rangers coach John Tortorella is a delusional idiot. First off, he was brought in because Tom Renney couldn’t get a team with some decent offensive talent to score any goals.  Results so far: 21st in goals per game.  Your Stanley Cup winning Lightning were known for their transition game and lethal attack.  It’s looking more and more that Lecavalier and St. Louis made you look smarter than you really are.  There’s more than enough talent on this Rangers team to score at a higher pace, so it seems that the system is not working. Sorry  to get of track, so I’ll get back to the point.  Torts was pissed off and yelled at the Flyers bench after his golden boy got his ass kicked.  It seemed like he was angry about that fight and wanted to blame the Flyers.  I’m not sure what he was looking at, but GABORIK DROPPED THE GLOVES FIRST!!! Don’t accuse Philly of being dirty when you’re asking for a beating you dumb shit.  Maybe if you had some perspective, you could focus on getting your team right. Congratulations, you scored 14 goals in the last two games and you’ve held down a playoff spot so far. But you know what, you’re relying too much on a awesome goalie that has yet to have a good playoffs, and you don’t have enough consistent offense to support him.  Maybe you should be mad at yourself for not knowing what you’re doing. Meanwhile, shut your mouth and enjoy the quiet ride up the turnpike.

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