Vanilla Ice Cream Dipped in Chocolate

Every sporting arena is an experience, both on the field of play, and on the concourse. Every stadium has the usual: pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, soda, beer.  Then of course there are the local favorites: cheesesteaks, deep dish pizza, sushi.  Now, I understand that stadium fare is a bit of a rip off, so many people go out to eat before a game.  Some places (baseball and football stadiums) allow you to bring some food inside with you.  But when you’re at the Wells Fargo Center, there’s one thing you cannot skip: the vanilla ice cream, dipped in chocolate.

Talk about $4.25 well spent. For that haven’t tried it, you’re missing out.  There are a few different types of ice cream sold at the WFC, all of which are pretty good. But they’re not as good as this one. It begins with a rather normal, waffle cup. Not crispy, but solid enough to not get soft and mushy.  That’s not the magical part though.  The magic, comes from the ice cream itself, and it’s glorious topping.

The chocolate is like a perfect, protective shell.  It is solid, a bit thick, and delicious. There’s enough chocolate there that if you melted it down, you could make a small candy bar out of it. Anyway, because of the sheer coldness of the ice cream below, the chocolate does not easily melt.  You can take your time and really enjoy it. Then again, you can ravage it and bite it off in chunks. However you approach it, you’ll eventually get down to the white, frozen core.

I’m sure it’s not made of all natural ingredients, and isn’t very healthy. So we’ll put all of that aside, because really, who cares. So you have ice cream that is quite cold. Even if you’ve taken your time, savoring the chocolate shell, the ice cream will not be a melting blod underneath. It will be perfect, as if it were just created.  Like the chocolate, you can enjoy it the old fashioned way, using a little tongue.  Or, you can just sink your teeth into it, like Jaws (I miss shark week already). And unlike gelato shops, where the ice cream is just a scoop hovering along the edge of the cone, this one comes fully packed.  If you take your time and do it right, you can be in dessert heaven for a good 20-30 minutes.

Now, if you’re like me, the most important thing is the action gonig on. I don’t really like being distracted by gimmicks, and I’m not there just to enjoy the food. It’s not about the food, it never should be.  So if you get something like nachos, you’re better off finishing them during the break. When the Flyers light the lamp, you don’t want to be stuck in your seat because your holding a tray of food and you don’t want it to go flying everywhere. You want to be free enough to jump up and cheer along with 17,000+ of your closest friends. If you’ve got the ice cream in your hand, feel free to join the party.

However you choose to enjoy it, there’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate.

Aramark – THANK YOU!

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