Flyers Wannabe's Throttle by Sabres

I didn’t see the game yesterday, but when I saw that Buffalo beat the Flyers 9-3, I was a bit concerned.  Luckily, we had pretty much nobody out there.  Scroll down to Player Summary and you’ll see exactly what we were playing with.  Meanwhile the Sabreshad a mix of regulars and prospects in their lineup. Still, 9-3 is pretty embarrassing.  A few nights ago, we had most of our big guns in the lineup against a highly over matched Islanders team, and only beat them 3-1.  We slept through that game, and maybe the pace of this one was different, I can’t say.

Two nights earlier, the same teams played.  In that one, both sides featured a lot more regulars, and the Flyers came away with a 3-1 win. That’s a better measuring stick for the team as a whole. But obviously Laviolette was testing out the young guys to see them one last time.  This was the final preseason game, and the last chance for some people to get noticed or prove that they belonged. Hard to tell who played well just from looking at the stats, though.


  • In the 3-1 win, Zherdev scored another goal, and of course, Giroux got the assist.
  • Carcillo got ejected in the 9-3 game, apparently for trying to incite a riot and for mouthing off at the ref. Way to show some self control in the preseason.  I’m sure he’s more than a little worried about his job. Laviolette hasn’t really said anything to the media about Carcillo keeping his spot, and I don’t know if he’s earned it.
  • Bobrovsky stopped 13 of the 15 shots he faced in the 9-3 loss; Backlund was only 13 for 20.  The team thinks he’s going to be good, but unfortunately, he hasn’t really shown it yet.

Anyway, the preseason ended with the Flyers sporting a 5-2-1 record.  If the Flyers can keep a similar records to this in the regular season, that would equal roughly 110 points, probably good for one of the top two spots in the East. And we should expect nothing less of this team. We have the personnel, and finally the coach, to put together another great run. This team is build to run over weak teams, and compete very well with the top teams.

Three days from today, the Flyers will open the season in Pittsburgh, in their new building.  I’m looking forward to spoiling that party. The game will be on national TV, and I’m hoping we see a good show. I posted this a few days ago, but here’s the Versus promo for the new season:

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