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I don’t want to get into a he-said she-said with the refs. And I’m the he’

- Chris Pronger

Rightfully pissed of Flyers defenseman

Every hockey fans knows what the Sean Avery rule is. When screening the goalie, you can do it with your body, by planting yourself in front of the net.  You can’t waive your stick or hands in front of the goalies face to distract him. Today, the refs ridiculously misinterpreted and misapplied that rule to deny the Flyers an overtime win.

First, a recap of how we got there. Bla bla bla, it’s 2-2 after regulation, with the Flyers not playing great and doing nothing on the powerplay. Fast forward to OT, where we get another opportunity with a man up after Leino’s stick is blatantly held.

After we win the draw, Pronger goes to the front of the net. He points to Richards with his stick, and then with his glove.  At that moment, Flames goalie Kipprusoff jabs/slashes Prongs in the back of the leg. Richards unleashes a shot that goes in the net. Yay, we win, we win! Snickers ice cream for all. Wait, no goal. Why?

The blind zebra’s decided that when Pronger waived his hand, he did it intentionally to block the goalies vision. The goal is waived off, and he’s sent to the penalty box for unsportsmanlike conduct. Why they didn’t blow the whistle immediately, and allowed Richards to shoot a good 2-4 seconds after Prongs allegedly block the goalies vision illegally,was not explained. Instead, we get a horrible explanation, a disallowed goal, and the game continues. Eventually, we’d lose in a shootout.

After the game, everyone said all the right things. We didn’t play well. It shouldn’t have come to that moment. We gotta go out tomorrow and play better against the Devils. That’s great and all, but we had a point blatantly stolen from us. This is easily one of the worst calls of all time. Unfortunately, it probably won’t get recognition because this is a regular season game in a sport that the national media doesn’t care enough about.

The game ended like an hour ago so I don’t have any clips of the horrible call. I’m sure it will be replayed a lot in the near future.

Ugh, whatever.

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