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Stopping Crosby

The last time Crosby didn’t record a point, was November 3rd. In the 18 games since, he’s racked up 36, and the Pens have won 15 of those games. That’s pretty sick. He’s made Stamkos and the Lightning irrelevant, again. Kris Letang is having a monster season on the blue line, and MAF is back to form after a lot of struggles in the early part of the year.  Malkin hasn’t been anything special for the second year in a row, but he’s still their second best player. But Pittsburgh’s success comes down to Crosby, and only him.

Here’s a short list of what he does well: faceoffs, skating, shooting, passing, stickhandling, looking gay, whatever the hell he wants. And of course, it’s been well documented that the Pens have won 12 straight games. However, anyone want to point out that 8 of those games were against teams with losing records? We are far better, and far deeper than anyone they have played lately. And, we’ve won 2 of the 3 meetings so far this season.

But, back to the main point of this post: stopping Crosby. he’s used to being made fun of, so that won’t work. Any borderline penalty will be called by the refs. You know how that works. As usual, this job comes down to one person: Mike Richards. He’s the only guy that can hang with Sid. Center’s cover center’s, so your options are Richards, Briere, Carter, Giroux andBetts. Richards will have to shadow Crosby every where he goes. He doesn’t need much room, and creates chances on his own.  So Richards best bet will be to try limiting his touches. Easier said than done, but that’s how it’s got to be. Putting someone bigger on him doesn’t work, because he’s hard to hit. And putting someone quick on hm, like Giroux, won’t work because he’s just too strong and shifty. Besides, it’s not like we’ve done a great job covering him before.  But if anyone is going to do it, it’s the captain.

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