Canadiens to Be Painted Black (And Orange)

I’m not really a Stones fan, and I have no idea what the meaning of this song really is, but they used it in Talladega Nights so I figure that gives me the right to us it as I see fit.

Tonight, Les Canadiens visit our Phialdelphia Flyers for the last game before the All-Star break. The Habs are coming in playing pretty decent, and securely holding onto a playoff spot. After shutting us out in the first meeting, we took care of the next two. It’s time to finish off the season series with an ass kicking. I don’t see motivation being a problem for this game like it was the last time we took a break (Florida). These teams have become rivals once again. Luckily, we’ve been on the winning end of things in the playoffs over the last few seasons. Hell, here’s a replay of the Richards goal. You know which one:

Just watching that, and knowing how good we’ve been in the regular season thus far, I just want it to be playoff time already. But we can’t look ahead. It’s too early. Our Montreal blogger even showed some love for the Flyers today. It’s refreshing to see the Flyers earning more and more respect around the league. Yes, we have All Stars, and guys that are close to that skill level. And yes, we can play dirty if that what it takes. But before every game, I jump around various enemy sites. Deep down, they hate the Flyers because of our history.  But this team is earning some admiration. We don’t have Crosby or Ovechkin status players that are untouchable and protected by the league. We earn our victories through hard work and black (and orange) magic. Even the Four Habs Fans have nothing bad to say.

But back to the tast at hand: Montreal.  Yes, on paper we’re better. Yes, in recent history we were better. Yes, we know how to score on Carey Price (most of the time). BUT – these games are never easy for one simple reason: these midgets can skate. You’ve heard it before: speed kills. It’s the ultimate equalizer. Not that we don’t have it either. But when we play an opponent that is pretty quick, it makes things more difficult. Best way to deal with that is to to hit them early, hit them often, and hit them hard. Paint them black, and orange. Meszaros, I’m looking at you. So yes, I expect us to come out, guns blazing, and the house rocking. And let’s go into our latest break on a good note.

Go Flyers!

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