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There’s tons of cool Flyers gear out there to collect. From office furniture to decorations to various personalized items, you have a ton of things to choose from. Then I got an e-mail about a fairly new item that really stands out to me.


I don’t want this to sound like a promotion or a sales pitch or anything. But out of all the Spectrum memorabilia they’re peddling, these rings seem pretty cool to me. They look similar to a Stanley Cup ring, which is the biggest selling point to me. It looks like it would really stand out when you put it on.

It’s going for about 300 bucks, which isn’t too bad of a rip-off. It’s gold plated and has a diamond in it, which is probably pretty small. If you want some more info. or want to actually buy the thing, click here.
It’s not for everyone; I won’t buy it.  But for the older crowd that went to a ton of game back in the day, and actually saw the team win a Cup, this is a must buy. You’ve got the most iconic image in Flyers history on one side, with Parent and Clarkeon one side. There’s a pic of the spectrum on the other side. And on top is the logo, which will leave a great mark on someone’s face in a bar fight.
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