I know, I look a bit goofy here. (Courtesy: ECV Events)

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Looks like I'm in Madame Tussaud's (Courtesy: ECV Events)

Over a month ago, I gave everyone who reads this blog a chance to meet Pronger, Briere, Schultz and Carcillo. On February 28th, that time finally came.

It was in PJ Whelihan’s in Cherry Hill, and the whole place was shut down for this event. I came alone, right from work, gave my name, and went in. People milled around, eating, drinking, and staring at waitresses. And then I look over to the corner, and see a very, very large human being taking some pictures and talking to people. Before I could get over to him, he somehow disappears.  I don’t know how someone that big can be so elusive.  anyway, there were two levels of guests, VIP (me) and VIP Elite.  As an Elite guest, you had access to the back of the restaurant, where rest of the guys hung out and you could meet them up close.

So if I’m already there, why would I not try to pretend that I’m Elite? With no security in my way, I managed to get an autograph and a handshake from Briere and Carcillo.  Later, everyone in attendance took a picture like the one you see above, and then walked off stage to receive a mini-helmet signed by all four guys.  During the event was a ton of food, which was pretty damn good. The highlight of the night was a Q&A session.

Al Morganti and Michael Barkann were the hosts, and walked around the crowd taking questions from anyone.  All four guys agreed that the instigator rule sucked, and they’d rather police the game themselves more. They joked about pranks and their personal lives and offered a few more opinions on a number of topics.  The entire Q&A was taped, and if you’d like access to the video’s leave a comment and I’ll send you the log in info. to the site that has all of that.

All the credit for this goes to ECV Events for hosting it.  I love meeting athletes, getting autographs in person, and it’s not often that kind of thing happens.  So I’m grateful to them for this opportunity, and am hoping to get to experience something like this again. When I first got the e-mail about this, I was a bit skeptical. But I read about the Legends Party in New York, so I figured ours would be pretty cool too. The coolest part is hearing the guys giving honest answers, not the same PC crap they feed to reporters.

So if you weren’t able to make it, please, comment, get the pw, and check out the video’s.  There’s a bunch of interesting stuff that the guys talked about.

Thanks for reading!

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