Flyers Lose Thriller to Caps in OT

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Brian Boucher

Obviously, he played very well once he came into the game.  The few shots that the Flyers gave up, he shut them down. I don’t think it was his fault on the Caps 4th goal.  Marcus Johansson stood in the slot, wound up for a slapper, and waited for a pass. There were two guys near him, but both were looking at the corner, and neither picked him up. Boosh had very little chance to react to the one-timer.  However, in the shootout, he failed miserably. The first goal was a nifty move that just got him. But the 2nd and 3rd were pitiful.  Backstrom and Semin came at him with speed, avoided a pokecheck, and flipped the puck past him. I think he should have been farther out, and given himself more room to back up as they got closer, so he could react, rather than trying to force them into something.

Versus Coverage

#VersusSucks, I tweet you that much. “Alex” Bobrovsky, “Alexander” Giroux, “John” vanRiemsdyk, and “We’ll be back in Washington”.  Learn the names of the players before you go on national TV.  Learn what city you are in and broadcasting the game from.  You sound like damn fools out there. I know that prior to games the commentators talk to various coaches, interview some players, and do some more research to prepare for every game. They have a lot of information to process, and it’s not an easy job.  But when you’re screwing up names, somebody has to be on hand to correct them and help them out. It took a while to get things straightened out, and that’s just embarrassing.  I wish we didn’t have national broadcasters; I’d prefer the home teams’ commentator’s instead.

Other Notes

  • The crowd: awesome. I could feel the intensity through the TV.
  • This game proved to me once again that this is a very good Flyers team.  Despite the result, they played very, very well. The goals they gave up are not typical.  But the effort the gave, and the dominance they showed throughout, gives me a lot of hope again.
  • Brian Engblom’s hair looked stupid. He needs the mullet back ASAP.

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