Fisherman and Bears...What?

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That rounded out a pretty bad week for the Flyers. They only managed 4 out of a possible 8 points.  They played some good teams, and didn’t control things the way they should.  Worst of all, they’ve allowed Pittsburgh to climb even closer to them.  We hit the century mark, but now they only sit 2 points behind us. And their next game is against us, in their building. Last weeks game, Dan Bylsma suggested that we were crap, and that this game would be a chance for them to catch us.  Looks like he turned out right.

What’s been happening in the ‘Burgh is a little scary, actually. Scarier than what the Devils almost managed to do. They’ve not only kept pace with us, they’ve caught up. We all know about the injuries they’ve dealt with. They’ve locked down on defense, and MAF has been ridiculous in net. And now Crosby is skating, and could possibly return. He recently had a practice, and anyone who saw it said he looked as good as he was before he got hurt. Of course a practice doesn’t tell you how he’ll be once he gets into a real game. Still, if he comes back this year, and only plays at 80%, that’s still a huge boost for that team. And with the way they’ve come together, his return possibly makes them the favorite.

Our next 4 games should get the team playing a lot better. We’ve got 3 division rivals, and of course a Thrashersteam that deserves some more punishment.  We need to handle them once more this season. After that is a “meh” game against Ottawa. Then comes an interesting battle against Buffalo, who could be our first round opponent if we don’t choke and give away the division to the Pens. Finally, we finish up with an ego boost against the Isles.

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