Broad Street Busts?

A chance to officially knock the Devils out of the playoffs, failed. A chance to get some revenge on the Rangers, failed. Not to mention the fact that we’re in first place by a thread, thanks to some tiebreakers. This dream season is completely unraveling before our eyes.The Devils game was a hard gut punch. The Flyers know exactly what it takes to beat them, and they only played the right way half the time. Jersey lives on turnovers in the neutral zone, and when you start your breakout with a long pass from your own end towards the red line, they eat that up.  It seemed like half the time that was our strategy, and every time we did that, they took the puck away. It was pretty damn pathetic to watch. Then we let old-head Patrik Elias skate freely through our zone all game long. The guy isn’t nearly as good as he once was, and he gets a hattie? Come on!

The worst part is that we fell apart in the third period. We’re tied, we’re supposedly better, and we end up losing the game. We fired 36 shots, and came away with 2 goals.  The night before, we had nothing in 43 attempts.  Either we’re having some horrible luck, or we’re just not making it too hard on the goalies. Whatever it is, it’s a problem we need to fix asap.

Then the Rangers come in, and we fire a bunch more shots on Lundqvist, and only get a pair by him.  The last thing I wanted was a shootout, which of course is exactly what we got.  And was there any doubt we’d lose that? Bob completely whiffed a poke-check, and then got beat pretty cleanly on a backhand-forehand deke. I’m just happy that there are no shootouts in the playoffs.

Leino got benched for most of the third period, as if that’s actually going to do anything.  No, he hasn’t exactly done anything special lately. But he’s not the only one. The entire offense just isn’t clicking the way they were.  I’m tired of figuring out what’s wrong, and if/when they’ll wake up. I just want the regular season to finally end, so these guys can prove whether or not they can just turn it on and get into playoff mode. We never saw it coming last year, yet somehow they put together a great run.  Can they really do it again at will? I hope so.

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  • disgusted

    get Carter off the ice. he is worthless, useless and a great offensive threat… for the opposing team. Big goals? No. Couldn’t check to save his life, can’t pass and can’t hold on to a pass on his stick. The team plays worse (if that’s possible) with carter on the ice. Worse signing the flyers ever have made. $55M down the toilet!

    • Eugene Markman

      Right now I’m not even singling him out. The entire team is pissing me off, even the guys who are playing well

  • disgusted

    At one level I agree. Most of the team looks like they never played together before. There are virtually no cohesive offensive rushes – Laviolette may need to bare some of the blame, could be a little too much line juggling, though ultimately the players have to step up. The team’s consistent unforced give aways and their constant inability to clear a puck from their d-zone is mind-boggling. At times they look like the “Keystone Kops” on skates, bumping into one another on the ice – it looks like no one knows where they need to be playing.

    Having said all that, Carter, at least to me, stands out as incredibly ineffective. His plus/minus and goal output don’t tell the real story. For a star, and at $55M you would think he’s a star, he shows no on-ice leadership, he does wear an “A” on his jersey, and he doesn’t deliver in the big games (and no, he’s not alone, at least for the last third of the season). His back-checking and defensive play are almost non-existent and it’s very rare you see him win a battle for the puck not to mention putting a pass on a TEAMMATE’s stick. Instead of sitting Zherdev the way they did, maybe showing Carter the bench for a few games may light a fire under his backside. As for the rest of the team, your guess is as good as mine.

    My hope is that during the 2011 playoffs the Flyers will demonstrate the same level of commitment(60 minutes or more of hockey per game instead of 5 or 10 minutes of hockey per game) they showed last year in the playoffs and that they play to the level we all know they are capable of. If they do, and with a little luck, the Stanley Cup will be back where it rightfully belongs!!!

    • Eugene Markman

      Briere has said a few times that he prefers to stick to one line and moving around bothers him. I’m sure he’s not the only one, so that can account for some of the lack of offense. But as for all of the defensive mistakes, the players are completely to blame. They know how to break out of their own zone, and blind drop passes or long passes from their net to the other teams blue line are not the way they were taught.

      Carter’s skill level is so high, I don’t always know how to read him. I agree that 95% of the time he looks like he’s not trying and doesn’t care. Yet he’s proven capable of doing everything. He’s big and strong, can cycle well, and has seen a fair share of time on the PK. Sitting him once in a while might work, but it’s too late for that now. We can’t afford to bench his wrist shot in the playoffs. The other thing is that not every player is a good all-around player, and if they excel in certain aspects, sometimes you just have to use other guys to cover for those deficiencies.

      As for the last part, agree 100%.

  • disgusted

    Well since just about all agree that the playoffs represent the start of a new season (all you have to do is look at the Flyer’s playoff run last year) let’s give all the Flyers a “clean slate”, (even Carter!) and hope for the best. Hopefully Laviolette will have a relatively short leash for non-performers.

    And if Bobrovsky can’t find a winning rhythm in the playoffs maybe Leighton should keep his glove hand ready… it sure would be nice to see the Flyers pitch a few shutouts in the playoffs – especially since we saw 0 in the regular season!!

  • disgusted

    Well after Game 1, it’s time to bench Carter. Zherdev can create offense on his own, enhance the line of Giroux and JVR, and can’t play any worse on “d” than Carter. It’s a no brainer!

    • Eugene Markman

      I prefer to leave Carter in, and take Nodl out.

      • disgusted

        Looks like we both got we were looking for (Carter and Nodl out) but for the wrong reasons, injuries. Don’t think the offense has been hurt – actually I think there’s much more offensive cohesiveness and threat capability.