Bruins Face-Slapping to Continue

What a great feeling that was. No matter what happened, that was a moment we could always look back and smile at. Nothing could erase it. It happened, it was frozen in time, and it was perfect.

Even after they came back this season and swept us, it was still special. Sweeps happen, and nobody really talks about them much. But a 3-0 comeback is historic. Except Boston found a way to put it away forever.  After trampling us, the only thing that could happen to erase their demons was to win the Cup. And dammit, they went on and did just that. We were the only team to not put up a fight. Everyone else took them to 7 games. That fact that it happened exactly a year after the comeback just makes it that much better for them.

And now, if things weren’t bad enough, it gets worse. On October 6th, 2011, Boston will have their home opener. Prior to the game, they’ll have a banner raising ceremony. And their lucky opponent is our very own Philadelphia Flyers. After turning a historic moment into rubble, they’re going to continue humiliating us. What a shitty feeling that’s going to be. Hopefully, it lights a fire under our asses that won’t burn out until the job is done.

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