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Making The Rangers Miserable

New York City. The Big Apple. Broadway. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. That’s all fine and dandy, except when it comes to the sports world. We’re from Philly. And we HATE NY sports teams. And over the last few years, we’ve had quite  few awesome moments against them. Here’s a look back at some of the glory we’ve had against the Rangers since the lockout.

Let’s start with this beauty from Simon Gagne. Perfect example of how it’s not just centers that win faceoffs, because wingers got jump in and help a bit too.

The next time these teams met resulted in another brutal loss for the Rangers.  They were up 2-0 with 10:00 left to play, before Joni Pitkanen broke the shutout. Still, it looked like the lead would hold up until Mike Richards tipped a shot with under 2 minutes left. 1:28 into overtime, Pitkanen’s 2nd goal complete the comeback.

Whn Jaromir Jagr came to NY, he became a scoring monster again. Not as great as he was in Pittsburgh, but much better than his days in Washington. Todd Fedoruk did not care.

There was the time Mike Richards set the career mark for 3 on 5 shorthanded goals with this breakaway:

Marion Gaborik wanted to be a tough guy. Too bad he dropped the gloves with Dan Carcillo.

Of course, most recently, there was the shootout to end all shootouts. Winner goes to the playoffs, loser goes home. We’ll never forget that the Flyers won, and went on to get within 2 games of winning the Cup.


There were plenty of other moments in the rivalry. Richards-Dubinsky fights were almost a guarantee. There were mid-season blowouts by both teams. But this is a Flyers blog, let’s not give the Rags too much glory. Overall, since the 2005-06 season, the Rangers hold a 24-18 edge over us in the regular season. But would anyone in their right mind say the Rangers have been a better team over the last 6 seasons? Would anyone want their lineup over ours any of those years, even that season when we were horrible? They’ve won a total of 2 playoff series in that time span, while we’ve won 6. None of those are against each other, but watching us go deeper than them most years definitely gnaws at their souls.

So as the 2011-12 season sloooooooowly approaches, we can at least start to look forward to the 6 games against our NYC rivals. We’ve toughened up, got a goalie to match theirs, and hopefully can appreciate laying the smackdown on them a few more times.

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