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Eskin is set to leave on September 2nd, so the search is probably on for his replacement. Depending on when Eskin and WIP signed their new deal, the search has probabley been ongoing for a while now.  Ike Reese doesn’t have a clue about what he’s talking about most of the time.  He’s not very entertaining to listen to. If they decide to leave him with his own show, I’ll be shocked. Right now, Mike Missanelli is the man. 97.5 The Fanatic is killing WIP in the ratings during Eskin’s time slot. And there’s no chance Mikey Miss is going go back to WIP.  First, I think he likes his current gig. I don’t know the financial side, but I’m sure they are taking good care of their main man. Second, WIP fired him for various altercations with people. They probably won’t give him another shot after that.

Now, news is breaking that WIP is switching to the FM dial to compete more directly with 97.5. They’ll be taking over for WYSP (dammit, now where do I get mandatory Metallica??) on 94.1. Those are some major changes for what was once easily the most dominant sports talk station in the area. I don’t know who they’ll bring on to take on Mikey Miss. But if they want to compete, here’s what it will take:

  • Opinionated: We want a guy who tells it like it is. Eskin didn’t do it, he was clearly a company man with some of the teams.  We need someone who will heap praise when it’s due, and criticize when necessary. And it has to be objective.
  • Recognizable: There’s probably a 1,000 guys out there that would be good on the radio.  But they have to get their name out their first.  We need a person that Philadelphian’s know and like. Keith Jones, Mitch Williams and Hugh Douglas are a few former pro’s that worked in local radio recently before getting national gigs. Darren Daulton is doing pretty well on a baseball-centric 1-hour show right now. Former athletes have a strong case to make, if they can talk about something other than the sport they played.
  • Voice: It’s radio, we can’t see your smiling faces.  You need to be able to be passionate and emotional, and convey it through speech. And you need to speak clearly, and not have some weird catchphrases.  We don’t want a gimmicky guy.  We want someone that won’t make our head explode.
Those are the main things.  It’s up to WIP to find their guy. I personally have switched over to Missanelli, but he’s becoming a bit more and more like Eskin.  He’s starting to be cut people off for disagreeing with him.  He’s good at arguing, and proving his point, simply because most callers aren’t smart enough to spar with him.  People can call in with better facts, and he’ll find ways to twist it around. I like him a lot and will stick with him, for now.  but the more he turns into the Eskin personality, the better the chances that I (and many others) will look to make a change to whoever the new guy will be on WIP 94.1.
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