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Nothin' But Nets


There’s two ways to increase scoring. 1. Change the rules to benefit the offense. 2. Change the equipment. Well in this story from the RDO camp, it looks like the nets won’t be as deep anymore.

I’m in favor of it.  But my question is, why stop at 40″ deep? When not make it even more shallow? Yeah, if the net is too shallow then some goals will bounce out so fast that we won’t be able to clearly tell if they are in or not.  A bit of tinkering could solve that problem though. Give the nets more slack, or make them out of some material that doesn’t bounce as much and the problem is solved. As the NHL story says, players will be able to pull of faster wrap arounds, and guys set up behind the cage will have more passing room. Angle passes to the slot will be closer to the middle.

Obviously goalies will complain, because this makes their job that much harder. But really, if they’ve got a place to put their water bottle, that’s all they need. They’re all in the same boat.  They’ll all have to adjust the same way. If the NHL wants to keep growing, and attract casual fans, they have to continue adding offense.  Like any true fan, I don’t mind a 1-0 game. But more scoring here and there doesn’t hurt either. And for any purists that are yelling about this being a mockery and a stupid change, let’s not forget that the rules have changed so many times that most of us probably wouldn’t even recognize the game the way it was originally played. Nets, lines, rules, equipment: it all changes with the times.  Just accept it, and move on.

Now while goalies will have to adjust, they can still fight back to make things tougher for shooters. Two years ago, some kid in high school came up with a brilliant idea. I don’t know why it hasn’t made it’s way to the NHL yet, but it should. He designed goalies pads that look like the net (see picture below). The obvious intent was to throw off shooters’ aim by tricking their vision.  It most affects players when they don’t have a ton of time to aim, liek when they curl out from a corner and fire at the net.  They’ll think they see an opening, but it’s just an illusion.

From the looks of it, the pads can use a few touch ups. Maybe outline them with some yellow or red to blend with the pipes or the dasher. Mess with the stitching to make it look more like the net.  Since a goalie isn’t usually standing straight up with his legs parallel to one another, change the angle of the stitching as well. There’s a lot that can be improved with a bit more research and creativity.  But it’s an excellent job by Trevor Leahy for coming up with this. It’s already been two years, and he tried to patent this. So my question is, how much longer until we see this in the NHL?

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