Big Screen Talent In Philly

Look back at the Flyers over the last couple seasons. Who’s name/face was associated most with the team? Who’s the one that was the leader, the one who was relied upon the most? Who’s the one that was expected to retire as one of the greatest Flyers ever? Mike Richards. Well, even though he’s the one that got traded to LA, he’s not the one going to Hollywood. Thanks to Lappy’s connections, he, JVR, Matt Carle, and Scott Hartnell are going to be in a Judd Apatow movie.


But that’s not the best part. The best part is that Megan Fox is in it. According to the article, the movie is called “This is Forty” which I’m guessing is a comedy about really, really old people. More importantly, did I mention that Megan Fox is in it?

Why is it extra exciting? Because when it comes time to promote the movie, maybe she’ll make a few extra appearances in Philly. Specifically at Flyers games (duh!). She owes us now.  we gave her pro hockey players to make some part of her movie work, so now she has to come here and be hot in our city. So once again, Lappy has gone and made things before for us. It’s just another reason to love him.

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