Surviving The Hurricane

With the weather turning bad this weekend, most people probably won’t want to leave their house. That leaves most people with only two things to do. If you lose power, you really have one option. Let’s just say there will be a baby boom next May if the lights do go out. But the other thing to do is obviously chow down. Health shmealth. Summer is almost over, it’s time to put on some winter weight. And if you’re like me, that means sweets.

Some new bakery opened up in my neck of the woods last night, and I tried their Elvis inspired cupcake. It was delicious. Now i’m addicted. Anyway, that got me thinking about cakes and stuff. Which of course led to a Google search. Which of course led to Flyers cakes. Here’s what I found:


Ok, it’s made from diapers and thus is not edible, but it still looks cool. It has nice form, and function as well. Never too early to teach a kid about Orange and Black.


Good amount of orange.  Definitely stands out on the dessert table.


We need some more info. about this one. Is the persons name “Guy”. Is it a nickname. Is it just for some guy who’s a Flyers fan?


Looks like the cake two spots up, but with more chocolate. In my book, more chocolate makes everything better. You can never have too much chocolate.

Courtesy: coolest-flyers-birthday-cake

Yeah, it’s not proportional. The arms look more like a pair of goalie waffles than sleeves.  But I’m guessing this wasn’t done by a professional bakery. So to the home baker that took the time to do all of this, I commend you on a job pretty well done.

Ah, marriage. Without knowing a thing about this couple, and having never met them, I know they are perfect for each other. Him – because he’s a Flyers fan. Her- for possibly being a fan, AND, for letting him do this on their wedding day.

This next/last one is my personal favorite because I actually saw this one in person and tasted it. It was for my friend Konstantin’s 25th birthday back in February. This upcoming season he’s going to be an assistant coach for the Temple University mens’ team. Sucker.

Courtesy: Konstantin S.

Anyway, I hope you all stay safe and manage to somehow have a good weekend even though we’re all pretty much stuck indoors. for those of you who are creative, I highly suggest combining the two activities mentioned above. Have a good weekend!


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