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I love the Flyers, and no other team. I want us to win a Cup, and there is no other team that I accept as an alternative. There are 29 other fanbases that feel the same way about their own club. We all have one goal, and we all have an effect on one another. Since our Fansided Network is doing a 30 day preview to get ready for the 2011-12 season, I’ll be looking at how much of a threat each team is to our own Cup hopes. Today, we have the Los Angeles Kings.

LA, aka Flyers west, is definitely ready to take the next step. Every one of their best players is in their early to mid-20’s: Anze Kopitar, Mike Richards, Drew Doughty, Jonathan Quick, and Dustin Brown. Add to that mix Justin Williams and Simon Gagne, and thats a boat load of talent. Their biggest move of course was the trade for Richards, giving up their top prospect for a guy that can help them win right now.  From the Kings’ POV, it was a great depth move. They got one of the best two way players in the game; one that can definitely put them over the top. With him and Kopitar, they have a 1-2 center punch that can match anyone in the NHL.

October 15th is a date I have circled on the schedule. It’s the one and only game between these teams, and it happens on our home ice.  Both the Flyers and Kings made a majority of their moves on offense, without much change on the back end (in terms of skaters). So with this game coming very early in the season, it’s only going to be a small taste of how well each club came together in training camp. It’s also going to be a bit emotional, as Richards wasn’t exactly hoping to leave the Orange and Black. I expect a really solid effort out of him, as usual.  Since this game does come so early, it’s going to be hard to gauge how these teams actually match up.

I do expect LA to be really, really good this season. I expect them to be as dominant as we were last season, because they are built a similar way. They have  a lot of talent, and definitely should have some Cup hopes. And I think they are closer to that goal than we are.  But, if our fates do intertwine in June, then that will be a pleasant surpise. Then again, if we’re in the Finals, I don’t care who we play.

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