Does Lavy Know How To Handle Rookies?

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Brayden Schenn – We sent him down to the AHL partially because he was hurt, and partially to save a few bucks against the salary cap. Four games, and 8 points later, it was obvious that he was wasting his time there, so we brought him up. And so far, he’s done squat. No points, a few shots, and a -5 rating through 4 games. But they keep giving him a lot of ice time. The interesting thing, to me, is that he hasn’t really been feature much on the powerplay.  He’s gotten a heavy dose of even strength play, and has started playing a few more hard, shorthanded minutes. If he’s a goal scorer, why aren’t we giving him more of a look when we’r up a man? against St. Louis, he played 19:20. That is first line forward time. what’s he done to earn that already? Lavy is throwing the kid out there a lot, and we have yet to see some results. Let’s scale things back a tiny bit and balance it out.

Matt Read – He seems to be getting the right mixture of playing time. He gets about 10 mins of even strength every night, and an even mix of PP and PK time. While his overall time has swelled as high as 21 minutes, and dropped as low as 11, that’s a bit more related to the flow of the game. Rather than treating him like a rookie, Lavy seems to be using him a bit more like a veteran, throwing him out based on situation and matchup a bit more. It could have to do with him being 25, while the other rookies are 18 and 20. Regardless, it seems like he’s getting treated a bit more fairly.  However, he too has seen a drop in even strength time since the arrival of Schenn. Although in last nights game, he was back up to 16 minutes.

Playing time is a very difficult thing for a coach to manage. There are a ton of things that factor into it. You can’t plan before a game because you don’t know who will get hurt, how many times the team will be shorthanded, and million other things. But it seems that Lavy has kind of lost a grip once Schenn came up. All of the rookies have some erratic playing time in all 3 phases of the game.  All of the line combo’s have been juggled. And after coming out of the gate hot, the Flyers have lost 3 of their last 4. Is it pure coincidence, or is Lavy really lost when it comes to handling and developing young players?

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