Bye-bye To Bantering With Bryz?

Someone in the Flyers organization has decided to muzzle Ilya Bryzgalov and limit his contact with the media. It might be goalie coach Jeff Reese. It might be someone in upper management. Or it might be, as the team claims, Bryz himself.

The new rule is that he’s only going to give postgame comments, and only after games that he plays in. The article is a bit confusing, because it also states the rule as making Bryz off limits on gameday and the day before, which means he won’t even talk if he’s not starting.  Regardless of what the actual rule is right now, he’s getting censored.

It sucks from an entertainment point of view.  99% of the time, we only see what the players are doing on the ice.  And most interviews that players give are the same old thing. When a guy lets his sense of humor show, it’s refreshing. And Bryz was one of the best quotes around.  He was always shooting off jokes. When he struggled, he called it like it was. He didn’t sugarcoat anything. But now we are going to have a lot less of that.

While it is disappointing, if it helps him focus and elevate his game, then so be it.  As nice as it is too know the players bit more, that’s not the reason we become fans. We cheer for what the team does on the ice. If a few reporters have to go elsewhere for quotes, and have to be more creative, then that sucks for them. As long as the Flyers are getting W’s, that’s all I care about. And in the end, do we really believe that Bryz won’t break this rule whenever he wants to say something? He doesn’t talk trash or say anything controversial regarding other teams. So if he wants to crack a few jokes, he will. Ban or no ban, we’ll still have something to laugh about.

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