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Random Thoughts Lead Me Back A Few Years

Just like anyone else, my mind tends to wander. It’s hard to keep track as one thought reminds me of another, and I eventually forget where my thought pattern started. But today, let me lead you down the path that brought me back to May of 2010.

I have a pregnant friend who works from home.  A few weeks back, she randomly told me that she does laundry every Friday. So once Friday rolls around every week, I say something along the lines of “Happy Laundry Day” to her. Today, she replied that I’m the only one who appreciates this day. Then I jokingly asked if she has a special shirt or headband that she wears (obviously no). Then I suggested that she make a video of herself folding clothes, with Eye of the Tiger playing in the background. Of course, once I mentioned that, I had to go on YouTube and listen to the song.

Once the song ended, more suggestion popped up. Topping the list was Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. It’s a song I never used to like, until 2010. And listening to that carppy/good song brought me back to the moment I started liking the song. It was Game 6 of the Flyers-Bruins 2010 semifinal. It’s the song that they played to get us jacked up and ready as the Flyers would be trying to go out and even the series at 3 after losing the first three games. And of course, hearing that song brought me back to this:

Happy Laundry Day!

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