An Open Letter

Courtesy: Philadelphia Flyers and the NHL

Dear Mr. Snider, Mr. Holmgren and staff,

I understand that these last 8 months or so have been rough.  A disappointing playoff run capped off by an embarrassing sweep by the rival Boston Bruins, coupled with subpar goaltending led to a lot of changes.  I applaud your direct approach to addressing what you thought our beloved Philadelphia Flyers needed to correct.  We stood by during that disastrous season when the team was so bad we even lost the draft lottery.  despite all our complaints we have stuck by your decisions to trade away a beloved captain and a top goal scorer.  However the time has come that we speak out.

I will preface these following comments by saying that I cannot assume to speak for all Flyers fans out there, but I think I speak for most of them when I say enough is enough. With a full understanding of not wanting to completely disclose everything, there comes a time when the people are owed an honest explanation.  The cloak and dagger secrecy of injuries is to be expected, but no one can take this seriously anymore.  At this point I find myself preferring the constant non updates that Pittsburgh gave regarding Sidney Crosby.  if the penguins can be forthcoming with one of the game’s best players, surely admitting that Chris Pronger has a concussion will not dismantle the team.  it is entirely possible that he did have this phantom virus that avoided detection, as well has his knee ailment.  However, after taking a dangerous stick to the face, the idea of a concussion is not lost on us.  the same goes for the youngster Brayden Schenn.  we watch the games, we see the plays and consequently, we see the injuries.  “day to day with an upper body injury” is a poor smoke screen at best.

It is unpleasant to hear your fan base call you liars, and while it hasn’t been put into such stark terms, the writing is on the wall.  We do not ask for detailed medical reports to be released for every on ice bump and bruise.  We know that injuries are part of the game, and we accept that.  What we do ask for is some transparency in regards to the team we support so adamantly.  It is almost to the point where if a tragedy along the lines of what happened to Pelle all those years ago would result in an injury report of “day to day with death-like symptoms.”  you have some of the more intelligent and passionate fans in the league, and quite frankly, we deserve better.

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