Flyers Offense Falls Short In Winter Classic Loss

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The Bad
The reason the Flyers lost was because they simply couldn’t score.  They jumped out to a nice lead, but 2 goals is usually not enough. And it’s not that they sat back or that New York shut them down.  The chances were there all game long. It’s not easy task beating Lundqvist; he’s one of the best in the world. But he’s been beaten before and he’ll get beaten again. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t convert enough on him.

Mike Rupp doing the Jagr salute was more strange to me than it was disrespectful. When he was first asked about it, he played dumb. When pressed about it, he claimed it was a spur of the moment thing. I think he’s a liar. When Hartnell confronted him about it, sidelines reporter Darren Pang overheard Harts telling Rupper that it was rude and that Jagr was a Hall of Famer. After the game, Rupp said they were just wishing each other a Happy New Year. What a load of crap. I don’t really hate the guy, he’s just a solid depth player who plays hard, but not dirty. I don’t recall him being involved in any controversies. On 24/7 he called Jody Shelley irrelevant, which might be rude, but is also accurate. So what was going through his mind when he did the salute will probably remain a mystery forever.  I just don’t get why he did it, unless he was simply trying to stir the pot.

After the game, John Tortorella said the refs were horrible and tried to help make the game more exciting by trying to for overtime.  I kind of agree with him. They had a few questionable calls in the third that favored the Flyers.  It seemed that they did all they could to keep the game close.  They barely made any calls in the first period, missed a few calls in the second, then tried to help us out in the third.  Of course I want the Flyers to win, but I don’t want them getting any undeserved help doing it.

Now we are 0-3 against the Rangers. In those losses, we’re scored 4 goals.  One of those goals came in garbage time when we were down 4-1 and it was the final minute of the game. Things looked different for a while yesterday, before going south.  Something needs to change. Whether it’s work ethic, strategy, or personnel. As second half of the season begins to wind down, it’s time to get ready for the playoffs, and prepare the team to be able to compete with the elite.

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