Time To Break Up The Non-Scoring Party

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I asked it that way because it will only take a couple of more games of poor offense from the top scoring line to give Lavy to make up his mind that a change needs to be made even if it is just for a few games. So who would be the replacements for the top line?

Matt Read- One of the top rookies in the league has been red hot with five points in his last four games. He is certainly deserving of the reward to play on the top line with how impressive he has played lately. Don’t believe me? Just watch the game film from last night and look at how dominant he was in the third period. He single handily created some very good scoring chances and if it wasn’t for Nabakov standing on his head he could have had another goal.

Jakub Vorachek – Yes the points haven’t quite been there lately for Vorachek, but he is skating the way that JVR should have this season. He could give Giroux the opportunity to play off the puck thus giving him some more open ice to move around. The key to Vorachek’s game is his ability to make sharp passes and Giroux could use a passer on his line to boost his scoring chances because right now he isn’t creating any for himself.

It is hard to imagine that Giroux would be centered around two different people, so that leaves the head coach with a very difficult decision. Do you split up Jagr and Giroux who found instant chemistry and was perhaps the reason why Jagr wants to resign with this team next season, or do you break up Giroux and Hartnell, two all-star talents that have been the offensive backbone for this club besides Sean Couturier.

These are my projected four lines:


I would keep Hartnell and Giroux together because Jagr has the ability to excel on a line that would be centered by Couturier and I don’t know if the same could be said for Hartnell because of how similar his game is to Couturiers’.


It’s just amazing how good Couturier has been offensively with having to center the fourth line and penalty kill for most of this season. Give the kid a chance to thrive with the ultra-versatile Simmonds and ageless Jagr.


Not too many changes here, want to see more out of this line.


Schenn is physical enough to play on the fourth line and will have an opportunity to use Harry Z’s speed to his advantage.

There is still time for the top line to get going with a perfect opportunity lining up on Sunday against Boston, but if the team comes out flat yet again it will certainly be enough evidence for a change to be made.


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