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Street Hockey Bully Turned Flyers Broad Street Bettie, An Introduction

Hey there Flyers fans! My name is Laura aka Broad Street Bettie and I am a new blogger here at Broad Street Buzz. I thought I’d write an introductory blog because I just got surgery and my Doctor specifically told me I can’t do anything that raises my blood pressure… and since we all know the Flyers are secretly sponsored by blood pressure medication companies…I’ve been off hockey for the past week or so.

I’ve been a hockey fan/hockey player since I can remember.  Being a South Jersey girl, I was raised on the Flyers. Like any young girl in the 90’s, I had posters of a certain Canadian heartthrob plastered all over my room. That’s right ladies, I’m talking about Ron Hextall. My poor parents tried getting me into cheerleading, but it was pretty clear that I preferred drop passes to basket tosses and they had a gonger in training on their hands.

My brother, the neighborhood kids, and I would terrorize the neighborhood playing street hockey, making traffic wait as we moved our nets so they could pass through.  Our little LeClair and Lindros sweaters were running and skating around everywhere, a vision in orange and black until the sun went down and begrudgingly, we would trudge ourselves and our gear home to watch our heroes play at the Spectrum on TV.  Throughout our hoser careers; there were broken bones, chipped teeth, and a shattered car window (sorry again Ryan’s mom.) Hopefully my nephew will be more successful than the two of us. I just saw a video of his first slap shot at 2 years old!

Fast forward many years and many hockey games later and I’ve since moved away from South Jersey, but my love for the Flyers has not faded with the distance.  Listening to Kate Smith and Lauren Hart sing God Bless America still gives me goose bumps and loudly chirping the home team in my bright orange jersey still puts a smile on my face. I’ve lived all over the country since moving away and you would not believe how poor hockey coverage is in some places. I thank my lucky stars for live streaming games online.

So what can you expect from my future blogs here on Broad Street Buzz? I try to be an optimistic Flyer fan. I’m not one to trash a player as soon as he has a bad game, but that’s not to say I won’t chirp him a bit.  You’ll probably hear me talk quite a bit about goalies and I assure you that the majority of my blogs will be rather snarky. But, what’s a hockey blog without a healthy dose of wit? Feel free to follow me on twitter, @L_Dix , and send me topics that you want to hear my take on etc., until then my Orange and Black faithful…In the wise words of Gene Hart, “Good Night and Good Hockey.”

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