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On Wednesday night it was looking like it was going to be a Pens victory, as the flyers only really played 20 minutes of hockey in the last period where they managed to tie it up 3-3. Fleury must have been so pissed about that one, and then again when Voracek scored the game winning OT goal.  My mother called me during this game while the Flyers were losing and just said, “stranger things have happened.” Her prediction was indeed correct, and this even carried over to the game last night.

Watching a flyers game at a bar surrounded by other hockey fans is a lot different than watching it with a couple friends in your living room. I experienced this last night, and for one it’s a bit more rowdy and people don’t look at you weird when you freak out when the Flyers score a goal. Which happened oh 8 times last night? Which wasn’t exactly how I thought the game was going to end up at the start, considering that Pitt scored in the first 15 seconds. Only in this game, the Flyers had learned their lesson and were quick to retaliate after the second Pens goal with a short handed goal by Talbot. I love when former Pens score on their old goaltender, it just makes the rivalry between the teams even better.

The first period was slow for the Flyers since the Pens were dominating, but once the second period began that was where a back and forth of goals scores occurred. So when the 3rd period began tied 4-4, the Flyers knew that they had to work harder than in the previous 40 minutes of hockey. The last 20 was where it was going to count, and they made it count by completely wrecking the Pens defense by winning the game 8-5.

I am still amazed at how well the Flyers played last night, and on top of this awesome win both Giroux and Couturier got hat tricks.  This was Couturier’s first career hat trick with the NHL so this was really exciting for the rookie Flyer. And seriously that kid is a few years younger than me and has his life together already. I want to hate him for that, but I can’t if he continues to play this well for the team.

I have no idea what the Flyers have in the store for the fans tomorrow afternoon, but I am excited to see them back in Philly!

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