Let's Go Kings?

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My last post was really hard to get through, and my frustration probably came out in the words I wrote, which is happening again tonight as I compose this next post. I know I, like many other fans, are completely frustrated and annoyed with how this second round went on. This was not how I envisioned it at all. Two season ago we were able to crush the devils in the first round, so what happened in this series?

Well goaltending has always been an issue with the Flyers, but I definitely think Bryzgalov showed up tonight to play, except for that pass that went into the net, that was really bad, so I’ll give the nay sayers that one. Otherwise, I think he was playing really well, but the defense was just not there tonight. It just seemed that their wasn’t that much defensive action in front of the net to help Bryzgalov out when he needed it. Which is not something you want to do if you want to win the cup. The other thing that I saw wrong on the ice tonight, was that the Flyers were just lagging behind the Devils. They seemed sluggish to get the puck at the net, and once they did get it there they were making fancy passes to get a nice goal when it would have been better if they just got more shots on goal. The Devils ended up out shooting them the whole game, which lead them to the 3-1 victory, so it is clear that the more shots on the net the more chances of actually getting a puck in the netting. Although, I’m sure most fans are aware this, and must understand my frustration with the end of the Flyers playoff run.

Despite my unhappiness that the Flyers are out now, I am glad they were able to make it into the playoffs and outsmart the Penguins. At the same time, I’m not waiting until October to watch more hockey, so I have to make some decisions about what team I’m going to root for now. No way in hell am I rooting for New Jersey, and I don’t really want the Rangers or the Caps to win (depending on who becomes the victor of their series), I could care less about the Coyotes, so I’m rooting West again this year with the La Kings. And why not? We call them the Flyers of the West for a reason, and Richards and Carter are on their team, so I guess I better go re-paint my playoff nails purple and call myself a Kings fan.

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