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Shea Weber Roundup


Lots of news has come out since the initial offer sheet to Shea Weber, and we’ll run through them right now.

  • TSN’s Darren Dreger had said that the Flyers and Predators were involved in lengthy trade chatter, until talks stalled. Now, we totally understand why a trade never went through. Midday Thursday, Dreger tweeted:

Won’t spent much time scouring for Weber trade details, but I’ve heard Preds wanted Couturier, Schenn and something else from Flyers. Ouch.

Ouch would be an understatement. If it took Schenn or Couturier to get a Weber trade done, it would be likely the Flyers would go through with that deal, but not both and another player. It’s obvious David Poile was not budging on his asking price, and Paul Holmgren sent over an offer sheet.

  • Dreger was quite busy yesterday, making an appearance on South Jersey’s 97.3 ESPN for an interview. When asked if an acquisition of Weber makes the Flyers contenders, he responded:

Darn right, no question about that. You’re talking about a real power swerve in Eastern Conference.

You can listen to the rest of the interview here.

  • Flyers beat writer Frank Servalli and Predators beat writer Joshua Cooper both confirmed that Weber visited the Flyers facilities two weeks ago
  • One of Shea Weber’s agents, Jarrett Bousquet went on TSN and had a lengthy interview about Shea Weber and wanting to play Philadelphia. Take a listen here. Bousquet also went on 97.3 ESPN to further discuss the Weber situation in which he dropped this bomb about New York:

(Weber) is a small-town guy and (New York) is a huge city,” Bousquet said. “With New York, it was nothing personal. He thought everything, from the ownership to the hockey operations to the coaching, was unbelievable. (Philadelphia) just seemed to be a better fit at this time in his career.

  • The good people over at Crossing Broad were able to obtain the Nashville Predators income sheet, and it speaks volumes about their ability to match the Flyers Offer Sheet.


The photo shows that the Predators have not had a profitable season since 2007-2008 in which they generated a measly $481,470. Since 07-08,  the Predators payroll has gone up, and so has their loss ( -$2,341,272 in 08-09, -$7,038,937 in 09-10, and -$7,179,043). While the Predators ticket revenue (referred to as ticket gate receipts on spreadsheet) was $23,416,920 in 10-11, the Flyers’ was almost double that. According to, the Flyers generated $54 million in the same season. If the Predators match the offer sheet for Shea Weber, they will be giving him all their ticket revenue from 2010-2011, and then some, in one calendar year.

  • Mike Chernow, a Flyers fan doing a little snooping on the Predators website came across something very interesting. On the homepage of the Nashville Predators website, Shea Weber used to be featured as one of the two players shown. Now, he has been removed, and replaced with Mike Fisher.

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