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Player Profile: Braydon Coburn

As the pre-season gets closer and closer, the one thing that has been on fans’ minds is what about our defense? You can see here at Broadstreetbuzz that we have been specifically talking about what is next for the Flyers and if there will be another trade before the season starts. One of the names that has been thrown out in our radio show is Keith Yandle, but with more turnovers than Matt Carle, and his inablitiy to block shots thanks but no thanks.

Which brings us to thinking about who we currently have on the blueline. One name that has been talked about is Braydon Coburn, who may be one of the underrated Defensemen on the Flyers team.  The blueline isn’t as terrible as fans like to think. It was a let down not to acquire Weber, but the organization was going after Weber because of who he is, meaning that his addition would have helped the blueline but this does not mean the defense is setting itself up to fail without the star player. What they do need to do is strengthen the defensive players still with the organization. Coburn may be one of those players that can have a good impact on the blueline, and he has been doing some good things in the past couple years that he’s been wearing black and orange.

Coburn is no stranger to the game of hockey. He has been playing since 2000 but did not get his start playing in the NHL until 2005 with the Atlanta Thrashers, the team that drafted him in 2003 in the 1st round as the 8th overall.  Coburn was in Atlanta for two years before being traded to Philadelphia in exchange for Alexei Zhitnik in 2007. He has been wearing the Flyers sweater ever since where he has been pretty present on the ice. Last season Coburn only missed one game in the regular season, and played in eleven playoff games this past post season.

He may not have had many goals this season (4) but his 20 assists and 113 shots show his determination to go to the net and help the team score.  Coburn also was plus 10 with 24 points last season.  He is still in his prime at only 27 and is just starting to show his point producing ability as a Flyers’ defensemen.

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