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2013 WJC

While there is no NHL hockey happening, there doesn’t mean that there is no hockey being played. Die hard fans are flocking to the minors and even sought solace in the subway super skills. So now that that’s over with are there any other championships or important games that fans can look forward to?

Why, yes in fact there is, because the IIHF 2012 World Junior Championships is almost here! The championship is like the IIHF World Championships or the Olympics but the Junior Championship takes all the hockey players under the age of 20 from various league to play for their home country. These countries are just now making their training camp selections  So who gets to go try to win it as part of the Flyers organization?

Shayne Gostibehere.

Gostibehere is so far the only player affiliated with the Flyers to have been selected to any of the country teams. Having been born in Florida, he will be given the chance to play for Team USA. He is pretty new to the Flyers organization as a current prospect who was drafted in the 2012 draft. Due to the lockout, he hasn’t really been able to show the Flyers organization what he’s made of.

Gostibehere is not playing for the minors but rather opting for collegiate hockey, which is good because maybe he can get an education out of it. He is a sophomore at Union College which is apart of the Eastern College Athlete Conference. He’s not as big of a goal scorer but he’s always there at the net assisting his teammates. Currently with the Union Dutchman he has 22 points with 17 assists and five goals, two of which were scored on the power play.

Gostibehere will go to training camp for Team USA next weekend in upstate New York and then it will be moved to Finland. At the end of the weekend in Finland the 27 man roster will be cut to 23. Here’s hoping a Flyer prospect makes the cut to play for Team USA. If only so Flyers fans can start cheering for someone.

I mean fans were cheering over the NHL podium last night, so we need to get excited about something more substantial.

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