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Planning The Parade Down Broad Street

The Philadelphia Flyers are absolutely, positively, and without a doubt, going to win the Stanley Cup this year.

It’s going to be an excruciatingly ugly march towards their destiny, and most of you will lose all hope along the way. There are going to be injuries, goalie controversies, and cold streaks. The power play is going to struggle, the defense is going to collapse, and a chorus of boos will often fill the Wells Fargo Center.

Though through it all the orange and the black are going to grind out their small victories. Pucks will be dug out of corners, wild fists will connect with glass jaws, rebounds will be jammed in the net through heavy traffic, and the Flyers are going to cling for dear life to one goal leads just as the 3rd horn sounds.

The Flyers will just barely make the playoffs. They are going to be dismissed as inconsequential by the media and competition alike, that is until it is too late, and this perfect collection of pure talent and indomitable wills catches fire at just the right moment.

Though do please doubt this prognostication as much as you like. It is actually essential that this team of underdogs flies under the radar, hidden in plain sight, and entirely undetected by an unsuspecting hockey world.

Has this evening’s opening night loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs given you cause to doubt the Flyer’s championship prowess? Good, that just means the Flyers have you right where they want you.

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