Rink Rats: April 9, 2014


Ladies and gentlemen, your Philadelphia Flyers are playoff bound! Here are the latest rumblings around the National Hockey League:


Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang will play his first game after suffering a stroke in late January.

The Columbus Blue Jackets and Dallas Stars will play their rescheduled game Wednesday night.

Trevor Linden has been named president of the Vancouver Canucks.

The Detroit Red Wings will look to clinch their 23rd consecutive playoff appearance.

The Vancouver Canucks are in a bit of a legal dispute right now.

Shea Weber sounds off after the Nashville Predators miss the playoffs.


And here are a few links to remind you of how far the Flyers have come and who doubted us:

When Claude Giroux ‘abandoned his ship.’

Remember when the media said Giroux was a bad captain after he snubbed the media?

‘The Flyers are a screaming disaster, and Claude Giroux is its captain.’

“We will make the playoffs.”


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