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Flyers Third Jersey: Philadelphia Flyers Daily Poll

Shawn Tilger announced Tuesday night that a Flyers third jersey was in the works. Tilger disclosed no further information but speculation immediately began on what the potential third jersey could look like.

As long as the Flyers do not bring out the Hamburglar jerseys, or the 3D jerseys everything will be okay.

Jokes aside, the fact that a third jersey is coming is exciting. The Flyers have not had a third jersey since they ditched the black alternates following the 2009-10 season. A third jersey was last introduced to the fans and media during 2008-09 season when the current home jerseys were introduced as the alternates.

If the Flyers want to go retro, they will have plenty to choose from in their collection. One potential candidate could be the Winter Classic jerseys from 2012. Plenty of fans still wear these jerseys around the Wells Fargo Center. These jerseys still give the Flyers the visible orange, but with a little twist. The Winter Classic jerseys actually deviate from the jerseys of the past.

Here’s a fun piece of trivia: the Flyers jerseys are designed in a specific way. The end of the sleeves, where the hands come out, are designed to look like wings. The “wings” are meant to make the Flyers look like they are flying on the ice. Send a portion of your quizzo winnings to me.

Back to the Winter Classic sweaters. These jerseys are somewhat similar to the Stadium Series jerseys of the past. The black fabric at the top complements the other colors well. These would be a welcomed third jersey for this fan.

Of course, though, we cannot neglect the orange jerseys of the 1980s and 1990s. Bringing these back would give some major nostaglic feel to the older generation of fans and should give the fans a small glimpse of the past. The marketing team may be against the orange jerseys. The home and away jerseys are modeled after the jerseys of the 1970s. A modern look may appeal to the younger generation.

We cannot have a jersey discussion until we mention the black jerseys of the late 1990s and 2000s. Some fans have argued the Flyers have never looked good in black, but I disagree. I think the black is a menacing color. It means business.

Out of the previous jerseys selected, the Winter Classic and orange jerseys of the 80s are likely the front runners.

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