Flyers Looking to Break Streak


If you lead, they will follow (Courtesy: YardBarker)


So the series is 2-2, but ‘Hawk fans are shaking and Flyers fans are energized. Why? Because the Flyers have looked better throughout most of the series. Because the ‘Hawks best players have done almost nothing. Because the Flyers have started to get contributions from across the board. Still, both teams have managed to defend their home territory. That has to end if the Flyers are going to pull off this upset. 


And it has to end tonight. 

And like I’ve said before, the Flyers go as Richards goes.  They’ve looked better and better in every game, and if you didn’t notice, so has Richards. He’s the heart and soul, and he has done an incredible job of showing it throughout these playoffs. Victory is his for the taking. He must snatch it like he took the Prince of Whales Trophy, and how he took the puck away from Chicago for the first goal of Game 4. 

I’m too excited to pore over all the different storylines and matchups headed into this game.  I only have one final thought headed into tonights Game 5. It’s a quote, from a guy that I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of: 

Great players aren’t always great, only when they have to be. 

Wayne Gretzky 

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