Danny Briere Suspended 3 Games

As I mentioned near the end of the last post, the Flyers will be without Briere for 3 games.  Here’s what happened:

Kinda looks like Franz took a dive, but still not a good move by Danny. Funny thing is, either near the start of this game, or the game before, JJ and Jonesy were mentioning that they weren’t too aware of Briere’s mean streak before he came to the Flyers.  They though of him as a finesse guy and that’s it.  Looks like he’s a bit of a bad-ass. I don’t want him doing things to get suspended, but I like him showing his tough side once in a while. We don’t need any Havlat’s around here.

So with Briere out, we can expect Zherdev back in the lineup, and Carter centering his own line rather than flexing out to the wing.  Briere will miss today’s game against Carolina, Thursday against the Rangers and Saturday’s rematch with the Isles.  I’ll bet anything that if we weren’t facing them again that this would be a 2 game suspension.  However, we won’t play them for another month after that, and I don’t think they’ll forget about this game anyway.

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