Carter. Gone. Richards. Gone. Flyers. Shaken.

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Oh. My. God. I didn’t want them to trade Carter, but I figured it was possible. I thought it was unlikely because Tim Panaccio said people in high places liked him. Trading Mike Richards was completely unheard of. And now we have news breaking that both are gone. Within 5 minutes of each other.


As of right now, I do not support these moves on bit. I don’t care on bit what crazy things they did off the ice. When healthy, they produced on the ice. The entire landscape of the league has changed dramatically. Columbus now has amazing depth down the middle with Rick Nash, Jeff Carter, and RJ Umberger. No matter what, they can compete with those three guys running the show. I don’t even remember who else they have to help out. But I’m sure there are some young guys that will get better playing with these centers. Los Angeles has Anze Kopitar and now Mike Richards. Pick your damn poison. With Jonathan Quick in net and Drew Doughty on D, they’re also a few role players away. The Western Conference got better, and we didn’t help ourselves out that much.

Now, of course, we have Bryzgalov. If breaking rumors are true, then he signed for 9 years, $51M. That’s a cap hit of $5.66M/yr. Other than that, WE GOT NOTHING. Nobody that’s coming back is worth anything!!!!! We went from being in a position to win right now, to god knows what. Pronger is on his last legs, as is Timonen. If the plan is to reboot and contend in a year or 3, then we can’t rely on either of them to do what they can still do now.

Here’s CSN’s look at the 3 players we just got. Here’s what I see:

Brayden Schenn: Too young to do anything now. Might be good, might suck. Who knows.

Wayne Simmonds: 39 goals in 240 career games. 54 assists to go along with that. Another 3rd line player. Sarcastic yay!

Jakub Voracek: An enigmatic scorer from Columbus. We tried that with Zherdev. Laviolette wasn’t too thrilled.

What about the draft picks? You never know what you’re getting. The Flyers will try to sell us some crap about the 8th overall pick we get from Columbus as if that really means anything. Voracek was a 7th pick a few seasons ago, and he looks like a bust. Our very own JVR was 2nd overall, and he has done almost nothing impressive. Although he looked pretty good in these playoffs, let’s see him do that over a longer time span before declaring that he finally has developed.

Now our depth at center is Briere, Giroux, Simmonds and Betts. That looks horrible! Who shuts down the opponents top line centers? Who takes key face-offs? Who’s on the PK. Who’s on the PP? What the hell else is going to happen because it seems highly unlikely that we’re done re-shaping this team. We have somewhere around $8M in cap space now. Have fun Homer. Have fun. Because for the next few days, you’ve ruined mine.

More analysis and second guessing tomorrow. Schedule came out. I’ll go over that tomorrow too.

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