Philadelphia Flyers: All-Time Top 5 Defensemen

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A lot of eyes are on the Flyers’ young defensive corps that are still doing their time to make it up to the NHL roster. This is a group of players that could forever change the historical landscape of great Flyer defensemen to play, which is not saying much since there have not been many of them. There are so many great defensive prospects, you’d have to figure at least one can become a star at the NHL level and could probably be on this list 10 years from now.

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Today, we look at the ones that already have come here to the Flyers and were terrific players. Most of the best defensemen the Flyers have ever had did not start here, but at least one did. That’s the most exciting part about the young defensive group they now possess, as they could finally have fantastic defesemen that would be cheap and homegrown.

Regardless, let’s look at the top defensemen the Flyers were able to get on their team that would eventually produce some of the best work the organization would ever see.

-Shoutout to recently inducted Hall of Famer Chris Pronger, who didn’t make the list because of his short time in Philadelphia but was great nonetheless-

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