Philadelphia Flyers: Streit to Isles this Summer?

New York Islanders writer Arthur Staple has speculated on the possibility of the Isles acquiring Philadelphia Flyers D Mark Streit this offseason, but it sounds like a longshot.

It caught my eye this morning when I saw the mention of Mark Streit and the New York Islanders this summer. We’ve already written pieces about how the Philadelphia Flyers should be quite motivated to trade Streit this summer, and Streit is a beloved former Islander.

I’ve done my own bits of creative thinking this summer regarding trades with the Dallas Stars, but this one doesn’t come from my imagination. Arthur Staple of Newsday has dropped Streit’s name as a possible offseason addition from the Islanders’ perspective.

Wayne Simmonds/Mark Streit, Flyers. Another highly unlikely, intra-divisional dream deal, but still. Simmonds would be an ideal wing for Tavares and a quality individual to add to the room.


Ron Hextall has made a lot of forward-thinking moves as Flyers GM, so perhaps the only way Snow could entice his old Philly goaltending partner would be to take Streit’s contract back. The former Islander captain has one more year at $5.25 million AAV but is standing in the way of a few up-and-coming Flyers defense prospects.

He’d make an expensive 6-7 defenseman, but there’s perhaps no more beloved former Islander out there than Streit.

The massive caveat to Staple’s scenario is that he’s really talking about a deal centered around Wayne Simmonds. Mark Streit is only mentioned as a throw-in to allow the Flyers to shed a bad contract. That doesn’t make much sense from a Flyers perspective, in my opinion.

Streit only has one more year left on his contract at a cap hit of $5.25 million. He’s also still a top-4 defenseman for the Flyers. I’m sure the Flyers would be happy to move him, but getting rid of that one year is of only limited benefit to the Flyers and their long term goals. It’s simply not enough of a benefit to make palatable a Wayne Simmonds trade.

If the Isles still like Streit at all, however, I could see the Flyers trading him there and even eating a bit of his salary. The Flyers are looking at 8 roster-ready defenseman, and guys like Streit and Nick Schultz won’t be here much longer any way. They’d probably be happy to move either for a slim return.

Maybe the Islanders’ past connection to Mark Streit that Staple references would be enough to talk about trading him to Brooklyn. If so, it won’t be part of a Wayne Simmonds trade.