Philadelphia Flyers Buzz: Rumor Tracking

The offseason is slowly approaching for the Philadelphia Flyers, and a few rumors continue to swirl on the backburner.

Streit Buzz

Last week, we wrote about a Mark Streit trade idea coming from Brooklyn. There’s nothing more on that particular piece of speculation, but the general idea percolates. Tim Panaccio wrote that “[i]t is expected the Flyers will try to trade Streit this summer to create both cap room and roster space.” Additionally, trade investigator Lyle Richardson listed Streit as the ninth most likely player to be traded this offseason.

Still no word from any source on possibly returns from Streit, which might not be much.

Eriksson Attracting a Crowd

Another rumor we’re covered is the Philadelphia Flyers’ interest in signing Loui Eriksson this offseason.

The Flyers will have a lot of company in this pursuit. The New Jersey Devils are now rumored to be joining the gang of teams chasing Eriksson. Other teams are the Canucks, the Predators, the Kings/Ducks/Blues all expressed interest at the trade deadline, or of course he could re-sign with the Bruins. I’m not sure why a team like Vancouver would want to throw money at a veteran right now, but they seem to be in denial over the state of their team.

Goalie Market Also Crowded

It seems every week another goalie could be on the move. The Islanders may want to move Halak, the Penguins will likely try to move Fluery, the Wings will look to trade Howard, the Ducks don’t need Andersen and Gibson, James Reimer is a free agent, and the Lightning may even move Bishop.

That’s a lot of names, and it reduces the likelihood of the Philadelphia Flyers trading Michal Neuvirth this offseason. Unless some team out there REALLY wants Neuvirth more than all those other guys, he will probably remain a Flyer.