Philadelphia Flyers Arbitration Clock Now Ticking

The full schedule of arbitration hearings has been announced, including for Philadelphia Flyers Brayden Schenn and Brandon Manning

The NHLPA announced dates for all players who filed for arbitration recently, which includes dates for Brayden Schenn and Brandon Manning. Schenn is scheduled for July 25, and Brandon Manning is set for August 2. Jordan Weal was also announced for July 29, but he agreed to a contract with the Philadelphia Flyers yesterday.

This date is basically a negotiating deadline. Ron Hextall continues to say “it will get done,” but going to arbitration and getting a 1 or 2 year deal out of the hearing would not bode well for Schenn’s long term place in Philadelphia.

As discussed in the link above, there are several players similar to Schenn also going through the arbitration motions. For what it’s worth, both sides may keep an eye on the process and its results for Jaden Schwartz (July 20), Marcus Johansson (July 20), and Chris Kreider (July 22), to inform Schenn’s market value. Another comparable player, Kyle Palmieri, avoided arbitration with a 5-year deal at a rate of $4.65 million a season last week.

This is the time for Hextall to make hard decisions regarding Schenn’s long term place with the Philadelphia Flyers. His production exploded after January 1 of this year, but that was largely driven by abnormally high (and non-reproducible) shooting percentages, and he’s never been more than a mediocre possession player. I have my doubts about committing long term to such a player who is essentially a complementary player at a rate of over $5 million per season.

This may also be an opportune time to look into trading Schenn if Hextall has doubts. The Flyers could involve Schenn in a deal for someone like Kevin Shattenkirk or Evander Kane, and let those teams make the long term commitment with Schenn.

For the time being, however, I’ll take Hextall at his word that a deal will get done, and hope that Hextall can keep the dollars below $5 million.