Philadelphia Flyers’ F Claude Giroux Talks Up Health

Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux says he is feeling much better from injuries that nagged him much of last year

WIth all the hoopla yesterday about the new anniversary gold jerseys, lost in the shuffle was team captain Claude Giroux answering some actual hockey questions with the media. Regarding hockey, Giroux remarked on his recovery from offseason surgery.

Giroux and Shayne Gostisbehere both had hip and bilateral lower abdominal procedures in May. Those surgeries are relatively minor things, and Ron Hextall has likened the procedure to bodily maintenance work.

Giroux now says he feels much better. He said he no longer feels like he has “a 60-year-old hip anymore,” which is an eye-catching way to put it.

One doesn’t necessarily think of Giroux of having that bad a time with injuries last season. He played in 78 of 82 games, missing a few after a questionable high hit from PK Subban in February.

Injury or no, Giroux did have a down season by his high standards. His 67 points were his worst offensive output in 6 years when he was playing his first full NHL season. Giroux was still named team MVP by the club, but his performance was down pretty much across the board.

Injuries may have been a bigger factor for him last season than we realized. Giroux didn’t directly say as much, presuming the 60-year-old hip comment doesn’t speak for itself. Furthermore, Hextall remarked that Giroux was bothered by the hip and ab problems “before the midpoint” of last season.

All of this is good news for the Philadelphia Flyers, any way you look at it. Companions in surgery, Giroux and Ghost will both be competing in the World Cup this month as well. There, both players will get a chance to shake off the rust before the games count in the NHL standings.