Little Flyers Brian Page severely injured during game

Little Flyers Brian Page was severely injured after taking a hit during a U18 AAA game.

Brian Page, a teen on the Little Flyers, is currently recovered after suffering severe injuries during a youth hockey game. He took the hit at center ice as doctor’s fear he may never be able to walk again.

He was immediately transferred to Jefferson Hospital for emergency surgery. The diagnosis was that Page had broken the C-5 and C-6 vertebrae. Those help provide flexibility and support to the neck and head areas. Paralysis to the arms and/or legs is a possible outcome with an injury to this area.

Page had a second surgery scheduled for Friday as well. Corey Owens, a fellow Little Flyers player, organized a Go Fund Me following the incident. It was an immediate thought for Owen to help his teammate anyway that he could.

“Definitely something you never want to see, especially to a good friend here. I just couldn’t sit around. I just saw how traumatic the injury was and I just needed to help him.”

All of the funds raised will go towards any physical therapy or medical bills that are not covered under the insurance. The money will also be used for anything that Page may need in his recovery. As of right now, over $250,000 has been raised for Page.

According to the fundraiser, at least 3.7K people have donated. Owens has been able to raise the goal more than once due to the generosity of others.

The Flyers, Phantoms, and other members of the hockey community have showed their support for Page during this difficult time. A hockey website, Grizzled, also launched a clothing line to raise money. The “87 Strong” line features everything from stickers and masks to shirts and hoodies.

The entire hockey community will be behind one of its own as Page looks to recover and hopefully one day be able to walk again.