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Poor Hockey; Careless Chinese Delivery


Some days, we show up to work, and things do not go right. Sometimes we see it happening and do nothing. Other times, we’re totally unaware of our own mistakes

Last night, the Flyers came out flat, for the second straight game. This time, Montreal made them pay. After back to back shutouts, the Flyers were lit up for 5 goals, and managed to tally only 1.

Last night, I had friends over to watch the game.  They ordered Chinese delivery. The food took a while to arrive, the order was wrong, but still, they paid.

Things started ok as the Flyers went on the power play in the first minute. But they were unable to set up, unable to generate chances.

Things started ok as the call to the Chinese place was quickly answered. But the order taker spoke poor English, and asked for the order to be repeated several times.

The mighty mites dominated pretty much the whole game, save for a stretch in the third after Gagnecut down the lead from 4 to 3. They outbattled, outhustled, and outplayed the Flyers in every facet of the game. The few times that the Flyers generated excellent chances, Halak stood tall. Can’t say the same for Leighton. Pucks were bouncing off him, going past him; he looked very unprepared.

The chef worked the wok to perfection. Lo mein, general Tso’s chicken, Hunan shrimp, white rice, fried rice. All was prepared, sauce on the side. He was just following what was written down by the man taking the phone order, how was he to know this was not exactly what was asked for. Soon the delivery man came, took the food, and brought it to us. We were totally unprepared. The total cost was much higher than anticipated. As the food was unpacked, we realized far more was delivered than was asked for.

Did Montreal play harder and deserve to win the game? Absolutely! But the first two goals should have never, ever counted. First, PK Subbanfired from the right point, wide of the net. The puck ricocheted off the boards, came to the other side of the net, where and open Cammalleri knocked the puck into the net past a sprawling Michael Leighton. Why was he so open? Because as Subban was winding up to fire, Cammalleri delivered a solid cross check to Matt Carle’s back, send him towards the net. It was blatant, it was right in front of the net, and of course it went uncalled.  On the second goal, Pronger stole the puck behind the Flyers net, and tried to carry it out. His pass/dump dribbled slowly off his stick, where the Habs picked it up and fired it home. However, the play should have been dead before that sequence ever happened. As the puck rolled towards the Flyers zone, Pronger gave chase, along with a pair of Canadiens. He should have gotten to the puck first, and would have had the chance to clear it. Instead, his stick was held, he didn’t manage to get to the puck, and again the refs yawned.

Was the food good? Yes! It was hot, it was tasty, it was not overly greasy. But it is not what we wanted. The correct order was: Hunan shrimp, sauce on the side, and brown rice for one person. The other asked for General Tso’s with a side of lo mein rather than white or fried rice. We didn’t get brown rice. The General came with fried rice. A separate order of chicken lo mein also showed up, completely by surprise. This explains the high cost. Three entrees rather than two! But these mistakes should have never, ever happened! When we placed the order on the phone, the order taker asked us to repeat several things. He should have been writing things down correctly. If his English is not up to par, he should not be taking orders! This is not his fault, but the owner’s or manager’s mistake.

Ok, it’s not panic time yet. Losing 5-1 was embarrassing, but the Flyers still control the series. A split in Montreal still works out fine. But to get that, they need to wake up. They need to skate harder, throw more hits, and put a lot more pressure on Halak. Tomorrow is a new day, a new game, and a new opportunity to put the Canadiens in a near fatal chokehold!

The messed up order wasn’t all bad. Two people originally wanted food, and placed the order. But with all of the extra items, three more people were tempted by the aroma and were able to indulge a little. This is the only Chinese place around (that I know of) which delivers, so unless we want to go pick-up from elsewhere, we have no other choice. Next time, we’ll be more prepared. We’ll speak slower, and we’ll make sure that the order is taken correctly.

Thanks for reading!

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