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Let's Remember Who We Hate

Hockey players spend the first part of the offseason recovering, and the second part of the offseason preparing.  Most of them get to training camp in top shape, ready to go.  But as fans, what can we do to get back in the swing of things? We can watch highlight clips, go back through news archives of the previous season, and a few other things. It’s a start, but does it really get us fueled up? Are we in full swing cheering mode? Maybe. For some of us, the anticipation of that first puck drop is all we need. But for those who need a bit more motivation, let this list be a reminder of who around this league really ticks us off:

  • Sidney Crosby, Pittsburg Penguins: Cindy, Crsyby, whatever you want to call him, is public enemy number one. He whines, he cries, he dives, he whines some more, and we cannot stand him.  Remember, this isn’t just fan perception, his peers also call him a little, whiny bitch. Check out this post on Yahoo! Maybe he should go play a dainty sport like baseball, so he can avoid contact.
  • Sean Avery, New York Rangers: Another dirty player that does nothing positive for the game of hockey is this Broadway Bum.  He throws cheap shots, proudly wears purses, and of course just annoys the hell out of everyone.  Can someone please catch this guy and crush him through the boards!
  • Martin Brodeur, New Jersey Devils: Until lately, he’s just been a part of our heartbreak much too often. Twice he’s beaten us in the Conference Finals, taking away our dreams. Countless other times he’s backstopped and group of untalented nobodies en route to regular season domination. He’s not a pest, he’s not dirty, but he’s just a pain in the ass no matter what. At least until this past year, when we lit him up.
  • Zdeno Chara, Boston Bruins: He’s tall, has a long reach, and likes throwing his massive frame around. He uses his so size so well that he’s considered a top defenseman in the league.  Boy, didn’t he crumble in the playoffs when we threw some weight back at him. One of my favorite moments from the playoffs was when Briere cross checked Chara and sent him flying, even though a penalty was called.  I just love seeing this big man get planted on his ass.
  • Darcy Tucker, free agent: It’s been a while since we’ve dealt with him, most notably during his tenure with the Toronto Maple Leafs.  But if he does come back, get ready. He’s the one who rocked Kapanen’s world a few years back, right before Roenick answered with a goal to knock the Leafs out of the playoffs. He’s the one always throwing late hits, sucker punches, and taking dives. He was the scum of the league until Avery came along to take the torch.
  • Everyone else, NHL: Screw it, let’s get ready to boo everyone.  Our fanbase has a reputation for being the toughest, meanest, and most passionate group of fans around.  Let’s live up to his! Sure, a few guys piss us off more than other, but it doesn’t mean it’s ok to like the others.  They all want what we want, the Stanley Cup.  If they aren’t wearing the orange and black sweaters, they deserve no love from us. Yell at them, make signs, burn effigies (a bit extreme), do whatever you have to do.  Trust me, they don’t wish us well, so elt’s be nice and return the favor.  Keep up the home ice advantage, do whatever we can do to help the Flyers win.

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