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Doberman vs Shih Tzu

My cousins have two dogs, a Doberman, and a Shih Tzu.  If you would just look at the two dogs, you know who should be running things.

However, spend some time with the dogs, and things are not as they should be.  If the Shih Tzu is knawing on a bone, and the Doberman wants it, she stands there and whimpers.  She doesn’t take it.  She simply waits for the little guy to finish with it, or for someone to grab the bone and give it to her.  Once in a while, for fun, the Shih Tzu will smack the Doberman around a bit.  It’s playful, but it pretty clear that he’s not scared of the Doberman.  He’ll bit her anywhere and everywhere, with no repercussions.

When they’re being walked, the Doberman will mark her territory.  Right after she’s done, the Shih Tzu comes over and reclaims the same exact spot.  The Doberman doesn’t run anything, she just stands back and takes it.  The little Shih Tzu goes around, doing whatever the hell it wants. The big dog looks completely powerless.  From the owners’ perspective, this is great.  They have two dogs that seemingly get along 99% of the time, and co-exist peacefully.  But in reality, this is backwards.  They can still live together peacefully, but the pecking order should be reversed.  The Doberman is much bigger, much more powerful, and much smarter.  The Doberman should flex her muscle, and get her way, every single time she wants.

So how does this relate to the Flyers?  It’s pretty simple.  The last few games, they have not flexed their muscles.  They are more talented than every single team that they face.  They have more depth than anybody else, every night.  And yet, we blow a 3-1 lead to the New York Islanders, and we lose badly to the Ottawa Senators.  These are bottom-feeders in the league.  These are teams that are dead to rights.  These are the kinds of teams we should feast upon.  Instead, like the Doberman, we sit back and allow them to control things.

These Flyers need to wake up and run shit. We are the Doberman, everyone else is a Shih Tzu.  Unlike my cousins’ dogs, we’re aware of this.  We know how good we are, when we want to be.  We know that at any given moment we can control every opponent, at will.  It’s not easy, but we have the team that can and should be running the show.  All we need to do is find the right motivation to play.  The players and coaches have admitted that since we’re at the top of the mountain, we’re just counting the days towards the playoffs.

That’s not good enough. There’s two reasons the players need to get their shit together.  First, we the fans don’t like watching a team half-assing it.  We want to see some exciting games, with our boys in control, putting up big numbers. More importantly, it’s not an easy switch to flip.  Last year, we were in desperation mode going into the playoffs. We need to get back to that level of desperation over the next 40 days.

Come on Flyers, don’t let a bunch of pieces of Shih Tzu push you around.

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