Eric Lindros May Come Back For The Winter Classic

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I was never a fan of Eric when he played against us (at the time in chicago).  He was one of those players that you hate to play against, but love to have on your team.  He was perfect for Philly in that he played their traditionaly style, but honestly, I never liked him.  Then when he went to Toronto, for some reason, I wanted him to have a successful ending to his career.  Not really sure why, but I guess I appreciated what he went thru.  It’s too bad he had all those injuries, he could have had a great career.

Frank Rekas, NHL Director and Lead Writer for The Rat Trick

So, my thoughts on Lindros huh?
I don’t really know how i feel about him coming back.  I remember the good ol’ days of Lindros and the Legion of Doom, but i also remember the lengthy injury report and the drama that marked his getting run out of town.  The seemingly unending battle between the Lindros’ and Bobby Clarke, along with the rumors (didn’t he sleep with someone’s wife?  again that’s the rumor.  Jeff Carter rumor.  beta)  it really left a sour taste in a lot of people’s mouths i guess.  there’s always going to be that “what if” in my head about if he stayed out, could the flyers have gone on the cup final in 2000?  too late now.

I see all these people getting excited now, and that’s cool i guess.  It’s not like we’re trying to put Jean Beliveau on the ice or something.  I’m sure his skill set is pretty high.  I mean he’s what…..36?  maybe 37?  In theory he could still be in the league (if he ever kept his head up).  there’s no denying that he’ll be fun to watch, especially in a “friendly” game.  Although to be honest, i’m more excited about the idea of Mike Richter kicking a rebound out of CBP.  I suppose a lot of the “old wounds” have healed for a lot of people.  that’s fine.  I’m certainly not bitter about it.  I’m not 18 anymore.  It’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things that he left town.  I think though, that for all the great players that donned the Orange and Black, no one could dominate a game like Eric Lindros.  I think that’s what everyone is remembering now, and that’s why they want to see him back.  For all the crap that happened off the ice and behind closed doors, when he came over the boards it was go time.  I don’t think we’ve seen anyone like him since that could play a “complete game” as well as he could.  He could hit, fight and had great hands.  As much as Bobby Clarke, Bill Barber etc etc, are set up as Flyers legends and prototypical Flyers…..for a lot of people Lindros is/was the prototypical Flyer.  That’s why I think a lot of people are excited at the thought of him coming back.

Personally, I’d rather see Trent Klatt-Joel Otto-Shjoen Podein out there one more time.  Them and LeClair.

Kevin, Broad Street Buzz staff writer

Eric Lindros was my favorite player growing up and I think it’s awesome that he is going to be at the Winter Classic. I hope that a couple more players from the 90s are there. I think that would make for a great article Eugene.

Scott, Broad Street Buzz staff writer

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