Cousins charged with assault

There have been a lot of reports about Flyers prospect Nick Cousins being charged with sexual assault along with his teammates of the OHL Sault St. Marie Greygrounds, Mark Petaccio and Andrew Fritsch.  So far we don’t really know what happened with the incident, but only that the woman who went to police apparently knew all three of them.

The reason why I want to blog about this situation tonight is as the only female writer for Broad Street Buzz, I want to give our readers my reaction to this as a female fan.  First of all, I have read reports that he has pleaded guilty, but in American we are innocent until proven guilty, so there needs to be more facts about this current situation. I have even seen some people suggesting that  since the girl knows the guys maybe it is a scam to get money.

As a woman I am kind of offended that someone would suggest that. Sexual assault is a serious offense, and if that is true that the woman lied she can be charged for lying to the police. Either way some one is coming out bad in this situation. I was very disappointed to hear this news, but not just that I was freaking disgusted.  It is very disappointing to me when promising young people with great careers ahead of them make poor choices.

As I was researching this I also found out that this is not the only Flyers prospect who has has his trouble with the law regarding sexual assault. Harry Zolnierczyk is considered a sex offender for being involved in a distribution of a sex tape with a minor. I will never root for either of these players now.

That’s some pretty messed up stuff right there. I’m not sure what else I can say about this whole situation. It’s just really messed up and I’m just glad that my fellow bloggers seem as disgusted about Cousins’ actions as I do.

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