Free Agency Freeze


It’s amazing how much of a salary dance free agency is now a days. Lebron Parise wants to cash in on a big pay day with his new contract, but wants to stay in the only town he has ever played for professionally. Meanwhile Suter apparently fell off the face of the earth as he has not talked to any team personally. He has his handler, or agent, relaying deals and messages to him. And then there’s Matt Carle who probably knows where he wants to go, but that team won’t make a move before the Suter decision comes down. Around and around we go.

When it comes to the Parise Decision it is for the most part true that the longer a player waits to sign the more likely it is he goes home. I think Parise really wants to stay in Jersey. They were in the Finals last season. Marty Bro is back now. He was drafted there. I don’t see any reason why he would want to leave. That is of course besides the biggest thing – money. Parise just won’t be able to leave millions of dollars on the table to sign with the Devils. Some kind of hometown discount I am sure he is more then willing to give to the Devils, but there is a limit. And it’s not saying anything is wrong with that. As much as every player loves playing the game they also love being compensated for their abilities. Parise is at the point in his career where the next decision he makes will effect him, positively or negatively, for the rest of his career. The majority of his playing career will take place on this new deal. He will get 10-12 years on this deal and although we have seen it happen (Richards and Carter) those kind of contracts don’t get traded away often.

As for Suter only he and his agent know what lies ahead for him. We heard about the Flyers offer and that around 21 other teams submitted offers of the same kind, but no word from the Suter camp on any choice. He has easily been able to hide from the light because of the Parise Decision. I still would love Suter in the orange and black, but I feel like there is almost no chance he chooses us. Honestly I do not mind it. Next season’s free agency class is packed with talent, including Shea Weber, so it may not be the worst thing for the Flyers to save some money and go big next July 1st.

On the trade front it seems the Flyers are still talking to both Anaheim and Columbus so stay tuned for that. I see this as a much more likely option if the Flyers do anything else major this summer. I don’t believe neither Parise or Suter are truly locked in on coming to Philly. Of course things change. Tomorrow could bring a whole lot of change for the Flyers. Or some other teams. Or nobody. And so the dance continues…

The major signings today were that of Jersey’s goaltending duo of The Bro and The Moose. I couldn’t see Marty going anywhere else honestly. I know he played his little game where he became a free agent for 24 hours, but I think he was a Devil the whole time in his mind at least. He knew with the massive preoccupation of the Parise Decision that honestly the Devils did not have time to play his game so he went out for a little free agent joyride. Joyride ended Brodeur back in Jersey for 2 more years as well as Hedburg.

-John LaMarra

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