Shane Doan had a self-imposed deadline (which was also a deadline for a legal matter that h..."/> Shane Doan had a self-imposed deadline (which was also a deadline for a legal matter that h..."/>

The Doan Decision


Shane Doan had a self-imposed deadline (which was also a deadline for a legal matter that had huge implications in the Yotes ownership) that has come and gone without a word from his camp. This seems to be a sign that he has made his decision and he will indeed field offers from other teams. Doan has been with the Yotes/Jets organization for 17 NHL seasons. Drafted in 1995 the veteran is the only member of the current Yotes players to still be with the organization since the move from Winnipeg. He was never known for being a sniper or putting up an obscene amount of points on a yearly basis. His career high in points came in 2007 with a 28/50/78 stat line. He is a solid point producer just not a stud like G. His point total most years will range anywhere from 50 to 60 and at the age of 35 that ain’t bad. He has proven he can still grind it out with the best of them at the NHL level. Last season his stat line was 22/28/50 and that was playing in the anemic Phoenix offense. If placed on a line with a player like G that point total should raise by at least 10 points.

Doan’s contribution to his future team (which may still be the Yotes) will come in the form of not just 50 to 60 points per season, but his diehard attitude and gritty all around play. Flyers fans would fall in love with his demeanor immediately. He plays the game hard all the time and also is of use on special teams. He has played on the Yotes top powerplay unit for years now and can pot around 8 pp goals a season. Once again though playing with a player the caliber of G can change a players point total drastically. Just ask Hartnell. Doan’s leadership will also be much appreciated for this young team. He was the captain in Phoenix since the 2003-04 season when he took the C from the departed Teppo Numminen. He would be a very adequate replacement for Jagr in the leadership department and will most likely come at a somewhat cheaper price then Jagr’s $4.5 million he got in Dallas. Insane money in my opinion. Leadership is a great quality to have. Some of the greats of hockey and other sports haven’t been good leaders. When it comes down to money though and when it comes to salary cap dollars especially leadership only gets you so much. I think Jagr’s play is still very good when he is healthy, but last season he seemed to break down towards the latter stages of the grueling NHL schedule. I think his health is question enough to knock a little off that salary. Anyway you look at it though the addition of Doan would adequately replace Jagr’s role on the team. Jagr for sure has more skill then Doan,  but Doan is solid enough of a producer and will most likely play in the majority of games next season while providing veteran leadership.

A player like Doan can make a Stanley Cup team. These types of heart and soul veterans are hockey. Think back to the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals. I know its painful, but it makes my point. Would Crosby have lifted the Cup without Guerin? Did the Pens need that savvy veteran to push them over the hump? They had been to the finals the year before against the same team they beat in 2009. Obviously Crosby and Malkin had something to do with it, but you got to believe Billy G. played a huge role in the victory.

-John LaMarra

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