Happy Holidays, Philadelphia


Happy holidays, Flyers fans. It’s been quite the journey through 34 games. But before we celebrate the “most wonderful time of the year,” let’s look back at some of the gifts our team has already allowed us to unwrap – in the purest holiday fashion form, of course.

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

GM Ron Hextall is quite the gift giver. Not only is the first-year GM crafty in re-gifting – Ray Emery’s 7-4-1 record – he knows just what kind of trinkets to add to the stocking to start your Christmas off on a high note.

What better stocking stuffer than the Rob Zepp story? You know the background by now. A well-versed European league veteran finally getting his NHL opportunity in Winnipeg at the ripe age of 33. And if his lovable persona doesn’t leave you satisfied with your stocking this year, perhaps the fact that Zepp now gives the Flyers added depth at the goaltending position will.

At this point, anything Hextall touches turns to gold.

The Sentimental Gift

While some holiday gifts cost more than others, the sentimental gift of Vinny Lecavalier turns out to be that present from Uncle Paul that grows on you with added use.

It’s been a treacherous stint in Philadelphia for the former Stanley Cup winner, filled with nagging injuries and a seven-game appearance on the healthy scratch list. But sentimental gifts are those that touch the heart. Lecavalier’s professionalism throughout adversity hits home, while his recent outburst of three points in his last two games jerk a tear.

Even if you’re into keeping up with the Jones’, the gift of Lecavalier is nothing to hide from your friends. With five goals in 20 games, the likable veteran has as many goals or more than names such as, Nathan MacKinnon, Jaromir Jagr, Patrick Sharp, T.J. Oshie, Mike Richards, and Nail Yakupov.

The Wayne Train Set

What would Christmas be without a train set chugging in a circular route around the Christmas tree? One that I wouldn’t want to be a part of, that’s for sure.

The Flyers, of course, have gone the extra mile once again. The Wayne Train has been steaming around the tree/ice all season long to the tune of a team-leading 15 goals, eight power play goals, and four game-winning goals.

There isn’t a Thomas the Tank Engine on the market that bests this train set gift from the Flyers.

The Gift of Claude & Jake

Yes, we’re all aware that Claude Giroux and Jakub Voracek are avid point collectors. Could you imagine how valuable all those points would be at a card show if they were autographed?

The top line combo have the Christmas spirit locked down in that it’s always better to give than to receive. After all, no one in the league dishes out assists better than this two-headed monster. Voracek’s 32 assists go along with his league-leading 46 points, while Giroux’s 30 helpers compliment his 17 power play points.

Giroux and Voracek not only account for 32 percent of Philadelphia’s 271 points, their combined 87 points is the highest combination of two players throughout the league.

As you can see, they’re an inseparable duo. The perfect mesh of eggnog and cookies. Don’t bother giving us a gift receipt for these two. We’ll be keeping this gift.

Happy holidays, Philadelphia. Your hockey team is certainly loving you back.